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Vanessa LaBranche

Hi, I'm Vanessa LaBranche

Chef Educator/Nutrition Coach & Owner of Lisha Nutrition & Wellness Coaching


This is my Story

As you mature, life teaches you many lessons. My journey to wellness was something I gradually did over time but tightened up even more over the last 4 years. I learned HOW we think and WHAT we put action to, makes all the difference.

Although, I struggled along the way with work life balance, I decided it was time to break free from my limited thinking of making excuses of why I couldn’t get it right to achieving wellness as a permanent lifestyle change and FINALLY just made up my mind like the Nike slogan of “Just Do It!” and so I did.

My consistency has paid off with nourishing my body in a way that works for the long haul of a healthy living lifestyle including movement. AKA fitness.  I am now the person who is confident in her abilities and living a life of my own choices. Life really can be good!

 Now I’ve turned my personal experiences, professional expertise, passion for healthy cooking and life lessons into a membership site geared for women over 40 and beyond.

Yes, you can successfully achieve a healthy lifestyle during this stage of life, and I offer ongoing support with resources and LIVE sessions.  You can live your best life!



Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision.

-Muhammad Ali

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